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Welcome to the CBG
« on: June 28, 2006, 07:53:47 PM »
Now, you probably came here from a link in another forum, or just by browsing the Internet. Odds are, you are wondering what the CBG is, and why you should join.

First, the CBG stands for Campaign Builder's Guild, a concept started on the Wizards of the Coast Message boards by Xeviat. Ishmayl took the reigns of the guild and founded the forums. Currently in its third incarnation, the CBG is dedicated to providing quality material for world builders, and providing a place where budding world builders can come and show what they have, seeking reviews, praise, and constructive criticism on their world concepts. While founded on the Dungeons and Dragons message board, the CBG is by no means exclusive to DnD, and you should feel free to post worlds created for other systems or other reasons here.

We are a friendly, open, and engaging community and do our best to make you feel welcome. There is no need to worry about many of the problems that plague other forums, such as flame wars, spam, and other such happenings. Just come on over and hop right in, the community will be happy to have your ideas, input, and just your presence. We at the CBG also happily read new material brought to us, and we will help in any way we can with your posting. We encourage a somewhat goofy sense of humor here as well, which can best be found in the Dragon's Den and in the Tavern Chatbox. Just don't ask about Cabbage.

So come, join us here at the CBG! We're happy to have you.
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