Author Topic: Probably an idea I will regret having, both in scope and genre.  (Read 538 times)


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Probably an idea I will regret having, both in scope and genre.
« on: October 13, 2009, 02:48:10 AM »
Just an idea I have had bouncing around my head for a few weeks now. For now consider I would consider it sci-fi, but it gets kind of weird.
  Mankind in some distant future, (but not too distant) realizes that the end of their race is pretty much inevitable. Not to mention the planet earth. So they design an A.I. to set in effect a series of events. The A.I. would basically (over the course of millenia) develop another computer sophisticated enough to actually re-start the human population. This unfathomable computer would be made of the very essence of the universe, existence , whatever. Atoms and quarks would be this computers circuits, and elements its motherboard. (I don't care if that doesn't make sense, I'm no theoretical physicist, just trying to get the point across.)
 Anyways man kind sets this plan into action, and millenia later the computer does indeed replicate mankinds DNA, and acquire whatever elements are needed to create a planet capable of handling the species. It creates the first program needed to start the process. I had been toying with the name Halokos, (don't ask me why these things just pop into my head) anyways Halokos rationalizes that if he completes his task of rekindling humans, he will no longer be needed. This is where it gets really weird. I tend to just stream-of-consciousness style write alot, and I just wrote: Halokos leaps back in time causing the Dawn Cycle.
  Basically, this sub-program of this universal computer decides he is self-aware, and he breaks camp. The main computer, called The Unity, (it is the governing power of the future quasi-artificial universe) chases him. What Halokos does is trigger some kind of effect in time. An endless cycle of timelines. Picture a record with a needle (stylus?) the needle goes around and around. The Dawn Cycle is a hand that puts the needle back where it started, at a specific time. The reasons for this happening are still up in the air, but I figured the idea was already so far out there it really did'nt matter.

 So this program goes back in time, to the dawn of civilization and meets little furry ape-like creatures on Earth. Evolution time passes etc. Halokos becomes a divinity for humans on earth. Meanwhile the Unity has sent back other programs it has created (with minor adjustments to prevent another Halokos incident,  which is not always succesful-enter timeline paradox hell) and they start chasing Halokos. They might have other 'self-awareness' episodes, allying or ignoring with Halokos, but the point is they become gods to humans back on earth. They have a wide variety of powers, mostly creation-like abilities, terraforming, water here, mountains their etc.

 I don't really know where it goes from here. Some other stuff-
 Zengi Masters use the will of their mind to simaltaneously exist in multiple points of time.
 Addicts of the by-product of the Unities operation trip out to reach different points in time.
 Several 'core' points in time where civilization is varied enough to give a wide variety of adventures. Like ancient civs with creepy cults and sacrifices, another future time where humans have settled on moons of Jupiter (or some made-up planet)
 A further future time where humans are extinct and some other species (spiders!) are the dominant specie on Earth.

 Thats all I have for now. Sorry I'm sure it absolutely does'nt make any kind of sense, but it feels good to get that out of my head.
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