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Give a rant, give some love
« on: January 15, 2009, 05:17:58 AM »
I see a storm brewing and being the evil madman I feel like attempting to channel it to my whims. So this is what we're gonna do. I am going to start and the next poster is going to post something about me. But wait, there's rules to this ('there's always rules' huff the chaotic aligned among you).

- 1. First you must post something you don't like about me. Whether it's something I do, something I once said, or something else about me (perhaps you think the shoes I wear are rather silly).
- 2. Next you must post something you like about me. It could be anything else you genuinely think makes me a better person in your eyes. Note that this compliment must be at least on par with number 1 (no, saying that I am a stupid fat head but you like my brown hair is not equal :P ).
- 3. You must do the above IN SPOILERS! This is important (if you don't know why... then please go beat your head against a turtle until you figure it out).
- 4. MOST IMPORTANTLY! The next person must do the same to you, and you MUST accept both their criticism and compliments without getting angry. You post in here, you waive your rights to get mad. Furthermore, since reading or not reading the spoilers isn't something I can control, you are on your honor here. I will say only that you should strive to not read anything in any spoiler except ones directed at you unless you are willing to let others do the same to you.

This is a social experiment of sort. It functions both as a way to let off steam and share some compliments, as well as a way to see what others think of you. If you post in here you may come to discover some interesting things you had that you did not know. After all the world is so very big on political correctness and nicety that honest criticism and compliments should each be considered as a gift to be cherished. An honest view of your personality can open your eyes to personal faults and strengths as perceived by others (and often ignored by yourself).

Do not post, nor read beyond this point unless you can take all criticism in stride. Do not post anything but what has been mentioned above. Do be honest, but don't be hateful.
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