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Æcer, an exceprt from my ever growing "Tome of DM Knowlege".
« on: December 29, 2008, 01:47:43 AM »
Because my campaign has a small playing field and few (14) major locations to go to, I've decided that since I have a lot of time until the next semester, I would create a detailed record of each location.  This is to prevent "on the fly" decisions that make no sense, and to shape characters and quests around the world we're in.  Since It's a low magic campaign using the E6 rule set, I thought it would be a good idea to record who makes what, where.  This isn't something I'd issue to my
players (last campaign, I had a more simplistic view I just printed out and tossed to them), but it would instead be part of a well-organized binder detailing my world, so when someone gathers information, I can give them information.  I will also be building quests based off named characters as well, I just have not done that yet.  Let me know what you think!

Adult Population:  890
Total Population:  1112
Population Breakdown:
'¢   1 level 3 Commoner (Reeve)
'¢   1 level 3 Expert (Alchemest)
'¢   2 level 2 Expert (Smith, Carpenter)
'¢   1 level 2 Commoner (Grainmaster)
'¢   2 level 1 Cleric (Priest, Priestess)
'¢   3 level 1 Adepts (Assistants to the Clerics)
'¢   881 level 1 Commoners (338 of which can arm themselves as militia)
'¢   222 non-adult Commoners
Item Value Limit:  2000 silver.
Available Money:  89,000 silver
'¢   3 mule powered grinding mills
'¢   Meeting hall
'¢    Chapel
'¢   Shrine to Timos
'¢   Alchemist's workshop
'¢   Smithy (Tools and basic metalwork)
'¢   Granary
'¢   Smokehouse
Raw Materials Exported:
'¢   Wheat (1d4 * 1000 bushels per year; Bushels * 60 = pounds.)
'¢   Oats (1d4 * 100 bushels per year; Bushels * 32 = pounds.)
'¢   Barley (1d4 * 50 bushels per year; Bushels * 48 = pounds)
'¢   Turnips (1d100 pounds per year)
'¢   Pigs (1d20*10 heads per year)

Æcer is a village of nearly a thousand adults.  Built along the road leading to the mountain pass, it boasts considerable crop fields, harvesting vast quantities of wheat and other grains yearly.  Irrigating their fields with the well-and-screw system, they produce a large portion of the grains consumed by the people of Væl, allowing other villages and towns to specialize slightly.  Harboring a chapel devoted to the gods of Good, and a well-tended shrine to Timos, neutral god of natural life, the people harbor strong religious beliefs, however the old traditions have not died out, and numerous 'superstitious' practices are still observed.  While they do not export much in the way of finished goods, they normally keep about half a years supply of goods in reserve for emergency and trade with traveling merchants and other wandering people.

Notable Peoples:

The Leader:  The community has elected Atherol Keytonson, an older man in his late 50's, as the village reeve.  As reeve, he settles local disputes and interprets local laws.  He has proven to be a capable leader and a shrewd manager.  Through his oversight, the village has managed to upgrade the one existing mill, and negotiate for the large grindstones required to build two more.  This allows the communities grain farmers to quickly process wheat into flour, which is kept for bread making and traded for goods unable to be produced locally.  He is a proud Animist, a worshipper of the old fath, much to the distress of the local priest.

The Grain master:  Calder Three-legs, grain master, is directly in charge of, and owns, all three mills vital to the community.  A fair man, he retains 1/12 of the flour produced by an individual as payment for the use of his mill (which he has to pay to maintain).  He employs local help during the harvest season to keep the mills running smoothly, in spite of the huge influx of work needing to be done.  He often hires hands during Eahta and Nigon to help make sure everything goes as planned.

The Alchemist:  A man by the name of Brent took residence in Æcer two years ago.  He arrived alone, in a cart, and purchased land from the community in coin.  He then proceeded to hire labor to build his home and workshop on the land, and has lived there since.  When asked about his line of work, he merely states that he is an alchemist, seeking to unlock the mysteries of the natural world.  The community at large has come to the conclusion that he comes from wealthy stock, as he is never seen receiving money, but always has an ample amount of silver to pay for expensive materials, like cadmium, he tasks random community members to purchase on their occasional trips to other places.  He is not an active member of the community, never making much of a public name for himself, but is often in communication with the village priest, with whom he argues the nature of divinity and alchemy, and how they interact.  He occasionally trades potions and salves to needy community members, though never for money.

The Priest:  Granger Harva, priest of Pjoc, and his wife Gleda, priestess of Sulee, are the masters of the Chapel.  They see to the spiritual life of the community, which consists mostly of Pantheon worshippers.  Granger is a fairly kind man of some 35 years, and gives weekly sermons year-round.  He is also head of the feasts, much to the chagrin of Altherol, a pure Animist.  He is wary of Brent, the Alchemist, and personally considers him an unwelcome member of the community, even if he sometimes helps others with his potions.  This jealousy is unfounded, however, as the people still prefer to come to him and his wife for blessings and medicinal potions on the rare occasion the need arises.  He is assisted at his chapel by three adepts, young wielders of natural magic he has taken in to teach them 'better ways'.  He is suspicious of arcane magic, considering it to be the work of the Dark Gods, and has a great distaste for the druidic people who tend to the waning faith of the old religion.  He secretly wishes to defile the grove, and convert it into a large shrine to Timos, if nothing else.  He offers his services as a divine spell caster to the occasional traveler with extra money.  Granger also owns most of the cattle in the village, and hires on some of the community to take care of them, milk them, herd them, and cull them.  He also dislikes the smith because of his sexual practices.

The Priestess:  Gleda is the priestes of Sulee, and wife of Granger.  She is a young woman, Grangers second wife after his first passed on three years previous.  At only 19 years, she has a reputation for unmarked beauty and grace.  She often blesses people at random in her walks through the city.  She asks for nothing in return.  She is renouned for brewing potions of sexual desire, which she gifts to couples on their wedding day.  As Sulee is reputed to be highly sexual, it is fitting to her station to do so.  She does not sell these divine treats, however, considering the connotations for abuse to be abhorrent and contrary to the teachings of her goddess.  She is tolerant of the Animist religion practiced by some members of her community, seeing it as harmless and a way of uniting the people.

The Smith:  Jagger Halsey is a landowning farmer and part time smith of 23 years.  He is not a master craftsman nor is he a weapon or professional armorer, but his skills are handy none the less for tool making and repair.  He rears some of the best pigs and makes some of the best sausages available in the village.  He is an outspoken and upstanding member of the community, attending all Þings.  He is openly homosexual, much to the distain of Granger, priest of Pjoc, who feels threatened because of it.  He partners with Linwood Kim, a young landless man he hired for help around his farm.  His father, Knox Halsey, was the smith before him, and died when Jagger was only 17 years.  Some seasons ago, Jagger crafted a set of masterwork tools for the carpenter, in exchange for payment over time in money and labor.  Jagger planned to use the money and assistance in expanding his shop and taking on a few apprentices, but the carpenter has yet to even begin payment of 500 silver, and has been dodging the issue ever since.

The Carpenter:  Llewellyn Manning is the son of a warrior from Geweorc who ended his adventuring days and settled down in this quiet village.  Unlike his father, he was no fighter at heart, but did take to his father's profession of wood shaping and thatching.  Every year, he bundles the straw from the wheat harvest and begins to form it into thatching to repair roofs.  He offers his services as a wood worker to anyone needing more adanced skill than their own.  He is also a talented pole turner, and sells fine quality staves to the town of Geweorc for use in spears and quaterstaves.  Some seasons ago, he commissioned Jagger the Smith to create a set of masterwork tools.  The price was 500 silver and assistance in expanding the smithy, but Llewellyn has yet to make good on his word.  His father died over a decade ago, leaving him, an only child, a home, a trade, his sword and coat of maille.  He is the only person in the village to own a sword, which is named Hodwynn.  It is of exceptional quality, well balanced and finely crafted.

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