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Dissecting published settings into their component tropes
« on: August 28, 2008, 02:31:14 PM »
The TV Tropes Wiki does an excellent job of dissecting fictional settings into their component tropes. And since the Arcana Wiki is also slowly building a Tropes section mirroring the TV Tropes Wiki, I want to dissect RPG settings in a similar manner and have created a campaign settings section for this purpose. But I could use your help with this. If you are interested, please do the following:

1. Think of your favorite published setting (publishing it online does count, though commercial settings will have a higher priority).
2. Browse the TV Tropes Wiki to find tropes which are particularly relevant to it.
3. List them here (exactly as they are named on the TV Tropes Wiki) and add short descriptions of why they are relevant .

I will then add your lists to the Arcana Wiki as soon as possible. As an example, here is the list for Delta Green:

Body Horror (protomatter.)
Cosmic Horror (already an intrinsic part of Call of Cthulhu)
Eldritch Abomination (too many to count)
Government Conspiracy (several around the world, including the "default" parent organization[/b] the player characters are members of)
Mad Scientist (many of them work for Majestic-12)
Masquerade (Majestic-12 doesn't want any competition in their field.)
The Puppet Masters (the Mi-Go, again)
Sealed Evil In A Can (Majestic-12 is far too fond of trying to open them)
Squick (this has become a running gag[/b] on the Delta Green Mailing List)
Sufficiently Advanced Aliens (the Mi-Go, among many others)
Sufficiently Advanced Technology (Majestic-12 has a lot of this stuff lying around. Not that they would actually understand it...)
The Government (one of the main differences between the original Call of Cthulhu is the frequent use of this trope. Not that it makes the situation any better...)
Those Wacky Nazis (the Karotechia)
Time Travel (the Philadelphia Experiment. It Got Worse)
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