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Setting Stat-block
« Reply #60 on: August 28, 2011, 07:01:46 PM »
Cad Goleór Stat Block
System: Pathfinder + Certain Rules Variants
Theme:/Tone: Fate favors the Bold (or "Madness is next to Godliness").  No man is an Island.  /Magical, Dangerous, and Wondrous.
Inspirations - Earth History, Celtic Myth, Celtic Folklore, Arthurian Legend, Norse Myth, Fairy Tales
Genre: Dark Age Fantasy
Technology Influence: Early Iron Age technology.  As many places use bronze tools and weapons as iron.
Magic Influence: Mixed.  High-Level magic is rare, with less than 10 casters above level 15 in the known world. Weather and crop-related magic rituals highly integrated into society.  Witches as midwives, apothecaries, and healers.  Druids as priesthood, lawkeepers, and the ones who keep the world spinning, so to speak.  Many places of "magic power," though not every ruin. Magic Stone circles, Magic Wells, and Magic islands are fairly common.  
Ecology/Races: All Kingdoms on the Material Plane are ruled by Humans, and humans make up at least 90% of the population demographic of any given kingdom, probably more.  In many campaigns, all PCs might be human.  Sometimes PCs can be half-blooded Sidhe or Fomorians, though.
Churches/Religion: Druidic Polytheism, which reveres a whole pantheon of gods, rather than having everyone worship only one.  May be some minor cults honoring single deities, but Druids and regular folk worship all of them.
Planar Cosmology: Only three main planes: Abred, the Mortal World (Material Plane); Annwn, Realm of the Sidhe (a la 4e Feywild), Gwynvyd, the Realm of the Gods (The Upper Planes)
Geography: Two main islands populated filled with several petty kingdoms.  
Places to start/Points of Interest: Tulainn, Abhainnath, Ceann Balor
Links - To be added later.
10 Words - Daring, Enchanted, Mythic, Perilous, Wild, Raging, Noble, Heroic, Dreamlike, Madness

Since others had done it, I decided to add my own.
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #61 on: November 15, 2011, 09:43:24 PM »
This was something I had clamored for way back in the ancient age of the CBG; there was always just enough dissent that a full template/outline/guideline couldn't be debated long enough. I'm one of the few creative sorts that love structure, where others feel that leads to formula.

I like how this formula has formed, and I'm glad to see it coming back. I'll give it a try:

"Three Worlds"? Stat Block
System: D&D 4E/Mutants and Masterminds (both house ruled)
Theme/Tone: Grand adventuring in a big world, organic world.
Inspirations: Lord of the Rings, D&D, Future Earth, Western and Eastern Mythology.
Genre: High Fantasy
Technology Influence: Late Medieval to Early Renaissance: Iron and Steel weapons and armor, Stone fortresses still in effect, cannons and muskets are new, and age of exploration-style wooden ships.
Magic Influence: Magic is common, Spellcasters are uncommon but not rare. Magical Rituals are as simple to do as cooking, where one can be better than others but anyone can follow the instructions. Actual casters who can fire off "magic missile" till the cows come home are more rare. Magic is codified within the five elements (Air, Earth, Fire, Water, and Aether), which enter into many facets of life.
Ecology/Races: The existence of six major civilized races other than humans make humans less omnipresent than on Earth. Much of the world is pristine wilderness, protected by powerful spirits and populated by uncivilized races (some more savage than others). The flora and fauna of the world are quite different from those on modern Earth.
Religion: Largely shamanistic and animistic, with some powerful spirits being elevated to god status. Few gods have monotheistic-like churches, such as the churches of the Knights. Gods are spirits who are worshiped to receive their blessings and guidance, while Demons are spirits who are worshiped to avoid or redirect their destructive actions.
Planar Cosmology: Two-Planes, Terran (the material plane) and The Spirit World (home of gods, demons, and all manner of fey and the spirits of the dead).
Geography: An entire world, the size of planet Earth. The majority of the current setting takes place on a large continent the size of Asia and a smaller island continent the size of Australia.
Places to start/Points of Interest: The Holylands, the home of the renaissance; The Capitol Hunerst, with its grand mile-high spires.
Links: To be added later.
10 Words: Epic in scope and tone, yet "realistic" in its nature.
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #62 on: November 15, 2011, 11:16:50 PM »
The Plaguelands
System: Elegant10 slightly modified
Theme/Tone: Brutality, Horror
Inspirations: Taken from Earth's history but also a multitude of rpgs and campaign settings.
Genre: Dark Horror Fantasy
Technology Influence: Early to mid medieval I guess, with doses of primitiveness, stone constructions are somewhat recent, no guns, ships available
Magic Influence: Frowned upon. Practitioners of magic, often called sorcerers or witches, are chased and executed in the only real city that remains standing. Though sorcery once prevailed in the defunct empire, so it's not impossible to behold a miraculous feat.
Ecology/Races: With alien invasions, the mockery of mankind called Aenema increasing in numbers with each lives lost, the infestation of some places by mutated vermins and the massacre of most human communities, each sentient races fight for dominion.
Churches/Religion: Monotheism, Shamanism (under its many forms)
Planar Cosmology: Universes, galaxies, worlds, masses... enough said.
Geography: Not unlike Earth, though modified slightly to include funky elements. In this world, you can find rivers of blood, pools of strange fluorescent liquids and seemingly unnatural landscapes, just to name a few.
Places to start/Points of Interest: Rampur, Seven Horrors, Mortica, Swallow City
Links: In signature
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #63 on: November 16, 2011, 07:49:50 AM »
Demon-Haunted (working title)
Iron Heroes d20/Savage Worlds/anything else you want to use
Theme/Tone: Darkly heroic adventure.
Inspirations: The Slaine comics, Robert E Howard, Michael Moorcock, the Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome: Total War, Bolt Thrower and just the general glut of fantasy media I have consumed throughout my life.
Genre: Sword & Sorcery
Technology Influence: Late Roman to Early Medieval, depending on region. Some peoples come across as more "backward" than that, but it tends to be to do with culture influencing their use of tech rather than an inability to do so (for example barbarian warriors believing it is better to fight naked than to wear armour)
Magic Influence: Magic is rare and scary, most people in the more civilised southern lands don't believe in it. Sorcerers are "usually chaotic evil" - think people like Xaltotun from the Conan stories or Slough Feg and the Drunes from the Slaine comics.
Ecology/Races: Basically Earth-like.
Churches/Religion: Under construction, see this thread.
Planar Cosmology: Besides the "prime material" there is another, very vaguely defined, plane of existence, or possibly several, that demons come from. This is not the focus of the setting, at all.
Geography: The majority of the setting is an area a bit bigger than the British Isles, although named peripheral nations expand the setting to maybe two or three times this size.
Places to start/Points of Interest: Severis, the City of Bronze. The Grimdowns, beside Old Lacedon. The heartlands of the Five Tribes. Larr Nesh.
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #64 on: November 19, 2011, 08:33:31 AM »
Olam Stat Block
System: Meant for D&D 4E, but no stats were spelled out yet
Theme/Tone: World of myths, which is still shaping its first civilisations
Inspirations: Classical and judeochristian mythology, cultures from all over the world, various other fantasy works in smaller parts
Genre: High Fantasy
Technology Influence: mostly early Iron Age, but a few "oddities" happen around the world
Magic Influence: magic is very common, and is still competing with technology - common people see them both as "arcane knowledge", seemingly not knowing much difference
Ecology/Races: Ecology mainly based on Earth. The "major" race are powerful Nephilim (angels/demons) who spread around the world, but a great deal of other races (including humans and most races commonly regarded as "monster races" in D&D) are still developing, still having a chance to dominate one day.
Religion: The most famous pantheon sits on world's equivalent of Olympus, but there are still the Titans and the animal gods. Nephilim are mostly atheistic, believing in "divinity of the self".
Planar Cosmology: Mostly based on standard D&D, with added unique elements, e.g. Elysium (an opposite of Shadowfell).
Geography: A flat world lying on the "great circle" of the astral sphere. Continents are inspired by Earth's continents, but misshapen to allow for more room for fantasy inspiration (including the equivalent of Atlantis).
Places to start/Points of Interest: Kenaan (Atlantis equivalent - a still thriving Nephilim empire), Hellade (human pseudo-Greek region, dominated by numerous city states), Gallaega (vaguely celtic elven region), The Eastern Empires (Tang, headed by an evil dragon king; Qin, conquered by the Tang, populated by the Kobolds; Han, populated by Qirinals and headed by corrupt beaurocracy)
Links: TBA
10 Words: mythic, young, pristine, malleable, unknown, world where anything is possible.
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #65 on: November 20, 2011, 12:26:41 PM »
Title: Arga
Theme/Tone: Antiquity-inspired, pre-morality world where glory reigns supreme.
Inspirations: Hellenic and Roman Myth, JRR Tolkien, 300, Homer, Troy
Technology: Anachronistic Bronze Age
Religion: The mortals of Arga place their faith in anything from hero-cults and cthonic spirits, to ghost-kings and the bastard progeny of forgotten powers. There is no one faith or creed that unifies Arga.
Magic: Subtle, dark, and costly.
Races: The Anthos are the only important race left in Arga, although the crumbling empires of the industrious Dura, savage Vorr, and sea-bound Nane dot the world.
Cosmology: These things are not meant to be known by mortals...
Geography: A rugged and beautiful world of storm-scoured seas, blistering sun, crumbling cliffs, and cloud-covered peaks. Like frogs around a pool, the cities of the Anthos cling to the shores of the myriad seas of Arga while savages hunt the mountains and vales.
Points of Interest: The Pellanosi, Old Dura, Mirminox
10 Words - bronze, salt, storms, myth, sails, ruins, vengeance, honor, sun, and glory.
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #66 on: March 14, 2012, 11:11:42 AM »
updated from my previous post as "demon-haunted"...

Iron Heroes d20/Savage Worlds/anything else you want to use
Theme/Tone: Darkly heroic adventure.
Inspirations: A heavily fantasised "rule of cool" bastard of post-Roman and Anglo-Saxon Britain, the Slaine comics, Robert E Howard, Michael Moorcock, the Barbarian Invasion expansion for Rome: Total War, Bolt Thrower, Electric Wizard, The Sword, badassery.
Genre: Low-magic Dark Ages sword and sorcery.
Technology Influence: Mostly late Roman to early medieval, with a few awesome anachronisms here and there.
Magic Influence: Less fireballs and lightning bolts, more curses and omen-reading.
Ecology/Races: Basically Earth-like.
Churches/Religion: There is a God and there is a Goddess. Different people think of them in different ways, from the Blood God and the Cold Earth of the Neshoi to the Solar Warrior and Vampire Queen of the Grimdowners.
Planar Cosmology: There is the World, and there is the Beyond, where demons lurk in stygian chaos, waiting their chance to turn the World to a maddening ruin.
Geography: The setting is not a whole planet, or even really a full continent. Most of the setting focusses on the North and a few peripheral nations which together are probably about the size of the British Isles and western Scandinavia, although not at all the same shape.
Places to start/Points of Interest: The ruins of Bol-Dinas in the north of the Grimdowns, the frozen holds of Larr Nesh, the savage desolation of Old Lacedon.
Links: See my sig.
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #67 on: September 13, 2016, 06:32:23 PM »
God... this brings back memories... has it really been 8 years? :huh:
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Re: Setting Stat-block
« Reply #68 on: September 14, 2016, 03:26:52 AM »
Eh, I'll throw my hat in to the frey.

Title: Panorah
System: Pathfinder
Theme/Tone: Turning of an Age
Inspirations: Redwall, ASoIaF, Middle Earth, geology, and paleontology.
Technology: Medieval
Religion: There are two great Gods, one is Anora the Light, and the other is Bzzltr the Twisted. Divine magic operates very differently in this world from other standard settings.
Magic: Magic is everywhere, but few can truly wield and control it.
Ecology/Races: The races of this world are descendant from small woodland mammals. Badgers, mice, squirrels, hares, otters, rats, and weasels. The ecosystem is also very Primeval, consisting of Dinosaurs, prehistoric mammals, and other creatures twisted by magic. Also dragons evolved in the northern lands.
Cosmology: There doesn't appear to be one...
Geography: Urthlind is the primary continent, and it has a fairly temperate climate. A Volcano recently erupted creating a period of darkness.
Points of Interest: Urthheight, Mt. Vanora, Dunwood,
Links - Main Page
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