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[Urbis] The Alliance of the Pantheon
« on: February 23, 2008, 07:08:54 AM »
Currently, my plan for Urbis is to go through all the regional chapters in turn and improve and expand them until they are ready for publication - more or less. I've just finished with the first regional chapter:

The Alliance of the Pantheon

The Alliance of the Pantheon is a loose confederation of city-states founded by religious refugees, with each city following its own religion. Originally founded to protect itself against further religious persecution from outside forces, it now faces a strong secular expansionist threat. They are outnumbered by the enemy, but if they can stand united in the face of aggression, they may still be able to protect their way of life. But is unity possible, or will they fall apart thanks to their many internal divisions?

It would take up far too much space to post the entire chapter here - I've written about 5,800 words for it - so I encourage you to visit the link above and look around (you'll have to log in to see certain "GM-only" information). Like I've said, I consider this chapter to be "complete" and don't plan to add more detail to it before publication, barring some minor edits (though others should feel free to do so - Eruvian is set up so that more than one person can work on a setting). But this makes it far more important that I've gotten the existing material right, and so I could use some constructive feedback on this region from you all.
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