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This thread is related to my Dystopia setting.  If you haven't read the setting before, the first post and half of the second post will give you a bit of context (but watch out for the latter half of the second; it's a headspin).

All comments belong in the discussion thread.

IC: Words of the Hollow
There is no death here.  So thick with blood is the soil, and so heavy with scorn are the clouds, that the Corpseherd has grown weary of the task and flown to a less troubled place.
-from the Epic of Hahhm

At first I doubted that a thing as vile as this could actually exist.  I laughed at the tales and the tellers, for if it were true it would surely have devoured the world, or been destroyed instead by those who could not suffer its existence.  My mistake was in thinking that the evil lived in the place itself, but that is not so.  The place is utterly empty.  Of sound, of thought, of intent.  No.  The evil was the same darkness that lived with me all my years but has quailed before the tumult of a full and engaged world.  Only now, in this strange chill, has it found its proper invitation.
-Eland Prossergi, Scholar

If we had but time, we would rise from this inferior feast of clotted blood and carrion, and dine on the fresh meat of tomorrow's world.
-Transliterated record of a heraldic Dhampir sigil
The first and final king ever to claim conquest of Chaultine's western lands had this to say of the wood of Aggremoor: 'The sights of men are always set higher than the mountains, but so often do we confuse the heavens with the pit.'  These were neither his last words nor his most famous, but they are perhaps the most profound, for if anything the Aggremoor is a perverse negation of purpose, pursued and examined by many through history who would have been better served to forget it.

It is resting place of the world's most enduring civilization, which, though dead for the moment, has no intention of remaining so.  It is the grave of billions and the site whereupon the species of prehistory staged a near world-ending confrontation.  It is called the Hollow Wood, and the Tomb of Thankless Masters.  Some simply call it Hunger.


Very little is known of Aggremoor's history before the reign of King Chault.  The little that can be gleaned from written texts comes from a (relatively) small time period toward the end of the Dhampiric Empire of Veighasht, before and during the cataclysmic incursion of the Sangheil.  These texts are written in Archaic Sanguine, and are translatable only through comparison to modern Sanguine coupled with the computations of a thought-construct.  Even then, the translations are unreliable.

More reliable (but considerably more difficult to achieve) is the extrapolative analysis of Dhampiric blood, which is a living thing with memories of its own.  The Blood tells a very different tale than the written word, for it is a beast that knows neither time nor death, but together these methods have birthed the Books of Blood, which are as conclusive a history as our technology might ever achieve.
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