Author Topic: The state we're in (campaign recaps)  (Read 336 times)

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The state we're in (campaign recaps)
« on: March 08, 2007, 05:10:26 AM »
So, a friend of mine is running a campaign for us in res at uni. I'm gonna post the story summaries up here to be read by anyone who cares.

Mainly this is cause today's session got rediculous as it spiralled out of control, but was soooo awesome.

IC: characters
Mike = DM
Me = Human Dragon shaman 6 (green)
Greg = Neraph Ranger1/Fighter4/Master Thrower1
Gary = Human Ninja3/Swashbuckler3
Andrew = Air Mephling Warlock5
Paul = Human Illusionist3/Master Specialist3

IC: First session
(currently it's just me, greg and gary. the others joined after)
While travelling along a road, we encountered a man transporting some slaves/prisoners (didn't know which. their word against his). He offered us some paying work for martially skilled men so we accepted. We end up at a town where he delivers the prisoners to a gladiator arena run by a half-dragon (Dargaz). We are then shanghaied into becoming gladiator-slaves by Dargaz and his many many hidded archers.
We are in our cells, then go to our first fight. It's us vs. 3 others, but noone gets any weapons or equipement to start with. Instead all 6 of our equipements are in random crates around the arena. You use whatever weapons you can get to, until you can gain something better. We defeat the others fairly rapidly, with gary's char becoming the crowd favourite through his antics. Greg is severely wounded by a barbarian. That evening we meet with some of the nobles who sponsor the fights. They want to meet the new champions.

2nd and today's to come later. (arthur need to go sleep now)
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