Author Topic: Trying to revitalize an old idea... GRAFTPUNK 2.0!  (Read 468 times)


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Trying to revitalize an old idea... GRAFTPUNK 2.0!
« on: December 04, 2006, 11:41:28 AM »
Way back in the day, when I was active on the WotC Boards, Someone posted a world called Graftpunk. I and about five other people picked up on the idea, I think it was Araes, Me, Razorboy, and the OP, and someone else... I honestly can't remember. However, the idea was too good to waste. The basic concept was to take the Cyberpunk Archetypes, and a few Steampunk concepts, and revitalize them into a Fantasy, sword and sorcery setting. Well, I'm far too lazy to dig up the original thread ad perform some necromancy, so I'm just going to take what I've got and run with it. This is entirely a work in progress, and to whoever posted the original concept I thank you for giving me hours of enjoyment thinking up grafts, societal roles and all the other crap I plopped into your thread without permission.

This setting is based off of the d20 ruleset.

Graft Punk

Here's what I'm thinking:
-I'm probably going to loot the idea for a universe that is actually "eating" the matter in it away from one of my old settings; I think it's still floating somewheres on this site. The side effect of this continuous degredation of matter will be magic. This will of course mean that Necromancers and will have some fun stuff to throw around, as will summoners (Imagine summoning a "void" elemental)

-I'm still seeing floating cities in a massive Grey void, that prey on more whole worlds... Perhaps they'll float around the massive glowing orb I originally had them around.

- Magical grafts would be a normal part of life for most citizens, but ones that disfigure would probably be considered lower class. There would be purely cosmetic grafts, but most would be based on usefulness.

-I kind of see Elemental Grafts as being the most common, based on the fact that they are generally less disfiguring than other kinds.

-I want to include a police force that uses wands as weapons, in some form of martial art... I see them as sort of a swat team/FBI thing.

-I'll be posting more as I work out some more solid ideas, I've got a couple hazy ideas, but I'll work on this more later...
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