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Alternate Goblin Societies
« on: January 29, 2018, 08:36:18 PM »
So I'm running a setting in which all the goblinoids are one race, the Cheitun (Kai-Ton). Cheitun are highly morphic, and create a surprising array of socio-biological systems. I've been thinking about desert cheitun, swamp cheitun, and more hobgoblin-ey tribes in ring forts. The two I have so far are:

1) The Ozcovyn

The Ozcovyn are a violent and rapacious Cheitun (Goblinoid) culture group previously confined to the interior of the Urualangrian mountains. Cheita (the smallest unit of Ozcovyn) are small, lithe, and dark-skinned; with prominent noses, chins, and ears. Nails and teeth are harder and more robust than most Cheitun and are frequently used as weapons in combat. They see phenomenally well in the dark and have excellent hearing and smell. They are avid cannibals and exophagists.

Ozcovyn are highly mutable. A Matron mother may choose to birth four Cheita (goblins), two Karga (hobgoblins) or a single Rukka (Bugbear) every three weeks. A Cheita, through feeding on sentience, may progress through a molting into Karga or Rukka after birth as well, but its name will always keep the suffix of its birthed class. A Jagha, or breeding male, is a title reserved only for the most renowned and capable warriors, sorcerers, and artificers from any caste. The progression through consuming brain matter is a large part of their culture of cannibalism and exophagy. This is a universal Cheitun trait, but many settle for non-sentient brain matter, which the Ozcovyn have an aversion to eating, thinking it "meat-food" (i.e: human food). They will eat the flesh of anything, but to "dilute" their intelligence with anything less than sentient brain is both taboo and heresy.

-Cheit: Born to the Cheita
Ex. : Karcheit, Urcheit, Addercheit, Varcheit

-Kar or Kal: Born to the Karga
Ex. Karal, Urkal, Adderkal, Varkar

-uq, -aq or -uk: Born to Rukka
Ex. Karuk, Urruq, Adderaq, Varruk

-Ja, -Jar or -Jul: Risen to Jagha
Ex. Karja, Urja, Adderja, Varjul

An Ozcovyn may also sacrifice its sentience to experience another molting into other forms. During peacetime this is never performed, but on raid or at war, it can happen frequently if unique skills are needed.

Kurga (Varag): If a Cheita is ritually fed heavy horse or cow flesh in the presence of a female, it will transform into a Kurga over the course of two to three days.  Kurga are henceforth nameless, but will frequently be referred to or commanded with names like "ram" or "siege". They are ritually executed after their use is fulfilled and never eaten. 

Ratha (Norker): If a Cheita is ritually fed iron rich earth in the presence of a female, they will become Ratha. Ratha are ritually given the suffix -ath upon transformation (ex: Kurath, Urath, Adderath, Varath) After a successful battle, Ozcovyn will sacrifice the Ratha created and consume their flesh. They will make leather armor from the Ratha hide.

Ura (Spider Goblin): If a Cheita is ritually fed ur-wolf (northern baboon) in the presence of a female, they will become Ura. Ura are ritually given the suffix -eiv upon transformation (ex. Kareiv, Ureiv, Addereiv, Vareiv). After they successfully infiltrate their aim, they typically auto-cannibalize themselves, or commit suicide.

Ur-Wolves are frequently found with Ozcovyn and are little more than temperate mountain baboons. They have no typical mounts or relationship with Worgs like their other Cheitun cousins. Many think this is because only the Ur-wolves are resistant to the plague carried in the blood of every Ozcovyn (it is possibly an Ur-Wolf disease...) while Worgs are not.


The Kareig are honorable, stalwart, and tough. They are the nearest to the other civilized races in society and inhabit the free Weyr cities and parts of the Urualangrian and Caramanian mountain ranges. They are taller than most Cheitun, and tend to have lighter grey to dark black skin; often mottled. Their features are blunt and rounded, with only slightly pointed ears. They see phenomenally well in the dark, and prefer travel and activity at night or during twilight hours, making them the heart of nightlife in any city they inhabit. Kareig outside the city are avid game hunters, and revel in consuming the brain, which they offer sacrifice and thanks for in elaborate ritual. It is considered a rite of passage to consume an elk or wild ram brain that one has pursued oneself. They are either Goblins or Hobgoblins.

Kareig leaders are known as Cheitar, and are regarded as reincarnations of the first 16 Cheitar to leave Urualang in ancient times and negotiate peace with the humans. They are the only Kareig able to breed, and typically have harems of up to 8 wives who are called Kitri and treated lavishly. Kitri become celibate when their Cheitar dies and seek out their Cheitar's reincarnation as a child. The harem, with the new Cheitar will join the household of another so the child can learn statecraft, until he is of age. This makes rulership fluid and mercurial among the Kareig, and they have many leaders underneath the Cheitar. The Cheitar by necessity often serve as roaming judge-kings among their people and seldom commit themselves to a particular community unless it is particularly large.

Kareig who are born out a Cheitar harem are Urkheig, or "remnant" and are cast out of society, often to become brigands or thieves. Kareig are allowed to kill Urkheig on sight, but many employ them as low-caste labor or household slaves. Kareig can tell Urkheig from their mottling, but outsiders not intimately familiar find it very hard to distinguish.

Kareig naming conventions are loose, but many name themselves (as is their custom) with the suffix -ra in cities and -ka in the wilderness.

The Kareig are very fond of wolves, and often keep semi-wild packs near them in the wilderness, or dogs in the cities. 

So, as guys can probably tell, i'm really looking to flesh out these societies, so if you've got any ideas...have at em, i'd really love some inspiration!
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