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Happy New Year!
« on: January 01, 2016, 06:32:17 PM »
Happy new year from the CBG!

Of course, a new year means... new stuff! We'll be in the process of doing some upgrades to keep our forum and wiki software up to date. All of this should hopefully not negatively impact anything, but feel free to let me or Nomadic know if something is amiss.

What else is new around here?

Rhamnousia (otherwise known as Superbright) has a new setting with the rather long yet evocative name of Rural Impressionist Hard/Soft Cyberpunk Transhuman Outlaws. And that... is exactly what it's about!

Weave, on the other hand, went for a shorter name, Echo, but his setting-- an intriguing mixture of post-apocalyptic and high fantasy-- is no less worthy of a look.

Ghostman continues the trend of one-word names with Paragon, a setting based on the concept of "jedi knights in a fantasy setting."

Do you dare to delve into Steerpike's Dungeon of a Thousand Rooms? If you do, feel free to add a room of your own!

Gilladian asks, What would elemental magic look like?

Finally, music can enhance just about any RPG, so perhaps you should peruse Personifying Your Setting With Music for some ideas.