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New news
« on: March 12, 2015, 03:53:13 PM »
What's new around the CBG?

Xathan has returned, and his brain is as interesting as ever. He's also started a forum game called Who Will Save Us Now? The answer to that question seems to be superheroes, so if you like superheroes, take a look.

Light Dragon has also (re)launched his own forum game, Bounty Hunters of the Cadaverous Earth.

O Senhor Leetz (whose name has nothing to do with internet gaming) has returned as well, with more updates to The Meatloaf Setting.

Llum has posted an intriguing new setting called Ember Valley, and is also contemplating running an IRC game there.

If you like space flight, you might like Kerbal Space Program.

Although winter is ending, Fimbulvinter is not; Steerpike's casual episodic Pathfinder game continues.

Please excuse a bit of self-promotion to round out the news-- if you like casual Pathfinder games but drow are more your thing, you might also want to look at Battle for the Underdepths!

More news as new things happen of course!  :yumm:
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