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New news
« on: January 26, 2014, 02:38:29 PM »
What's new around the CBG?

Superbright is starting a game, called Blackguards, based on Bastard's Bastards.

The Cadaverous Earth is getting a good amount of attention lately as well, with two different PbP games starting up: Light Dragon's Bounty Hunters of the Cadaverous Earth and Rose-of-Vellum's Clockwork Abattoir.

Polycarp is once again updating the Clockwork Jungle, so if you haven't looked at it (or even if you have!), it's worth a look.

Seraphine_Harmonium has a new setting (or at least, the beginnings of one, according to the thread title) called Gravenmore.

Xathan has posted a writing prompt: "You are the last person on earth." So get writing!

Have you ever thought about whether or not the implications of fantasy make sense to you? There's a thread for that, too!

Also this is a thing again. Unfortunately.