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New news
« on: September 03, 2013, 07:41:57 PM »
What's new around the CBG?

First of all, we once again have a contest! Most of us like some drama in our games, but how about some actual drama in our settings? The September Playbill (yeah, it doesn't alliterate, but we can't have everything) asks the question of what kind of plays the people in your favorite (or just some randomly selected!) CBG setting might watch to entertain themselves.

Elemental_Elf has posted a setting called The Amethyst Isles of Rimecroft, a D&D-ish world set after an event of great magical destruction, when a long and unrelenting winter destroyed the land. (Hey, maybe it's like if Fimbulvinter came and went...)

Seraphine_Harmonium has been busy lately, having posted a mini-setting called The Glorious Dominion of the Immortal Storm King as well as a new system called Geas. (A pretty cool Avayevnon map, too!)

There is a lot to do in D&D, but a lot of how the politics of kingdoms work is left up to DM fiat; beejazz is attempting to remedy that with a system.

Ghostman continues adding to The Savage Age, as well, including new stuff on the wiki.

Steerpike's Reskinned Bestiary hasn't gotten many new beasts lately. Someone should do something about that!

Sometimes, getting there is half the fun, but, other times, it seems like it's better to just get there and get on with it. How does it work in your games?

It seems like many of us around here have been playing Dark Souls. Have you?

Also be sure to check out our useful Public Service Announcements, although how much of a service they actually are remains to be seen.

Finally, don't forget to Explain Thy Avatar if you haven't already.

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Re: New news
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2013, 12:17:31 AM »
Damn, I wish I'd stuck my head back in the doorway a month ago - while I haven't put much about it to paper (or screen), "cultural arts" are a definite element of Panisadore. (In general, "city music" is jazz - both orchestral dance bands and hard-bop combos, while "country music" sounds like good old school delta blues.) Any playhouse of note has at least one illusionist in its staff - major houses in major cities have something more like an illusionist guild-hall. It's a rather fun speculation to take theatre and ask "what would it be like if you threw in (affordable) magic?" Special effects could make ILaM stuff look like claymation  - the audience wouldn't need 3D glasses for the dragon to look like it's coming off of the stage right at them, because it would be! Lets see Lucaspielberg do that!
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