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[Monthly Contest] September Playbill
« on: September 02, 2013, 09:23:30 PM »
September Playbill

The Contest
Enter chorus, stage right.

Plays in our modern day and age are often relegated to the haute arts--fancy things for fancy people. For a large portion of human history, though, plays were the form of entertainment, what viral videos are us today. For this month's contest, create a play from a CBG setting of your choice. Famous or infamous or just plain mediocre, any sort of play is acceptable. Also keep in mind that perhaps it's not the play itself that's famous, but some event related to it, like with Our American Cousin and Lincoln's assassination or the interesting story behind that example of a viral video and a Brit getting an American work visa.

As we haven't had one of these in quite a while, a few extra things: you'll have up until the end of the month to submit an entry. Voting will be by the community and will happen the first week of October, and hopefully, we'll have another contest up then. Also, I'm limetom and I'm supposedly the contest admin. Though a founding member of the CBG, life has just kept me busy for the past while, so hopefully we can get started all over again with these.

The Rules
To keep these readable, and so that nobody does anything crazy like actually write a play in under a month, keep your entries limited to no more than 500 words. All entries should be in some CBG setting of your own choosing.

As usual, as the original creator of the entry, you retain whatever rights you like to have, but as a courtesy, if you do create a work set in someone else's campaign, you are implicity giving them permission to use it as they see fit.

And also as usual, you are highly encouraged to pick a CBG setting other than your own. It's a good way to flex your creative muscles.

Break a leg!

Exit chorus, stage right.


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Re: [Monthly Contest] September Playbill
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2013, 03:35:45 PM »
Setting: Amethyst Isles of Rimecroft by Elemental_Elf

IC: The Prance of Dragons
This puppet theatre play originates on and has only ever been staged on the Songwillow isle. It is an inspiring musical created by an anonymous playwright, and is being performed by traveling puppeteer troupes. The play depicts the events that transpired after the awakening of the dragon Rueserond. Despite it's grim subject matter, The Prance of Dragons is decidedly upbeat in tone, celebrating the heroism and continued survival of the peoples of Songwillow in the face of adversity. It has become very popular among the lower class folks, who find it's optimistic flair a welcome relief from the hardships and peril of their lives.

The cast of characters includes the major heroes, political leaders and other notable personages of the time, portrayed as flamboyant puppet characters acted with exaggerated signature mannerisms. The play culminates in a spectacular finale featuring a choreographized battle between two mechanical dragon-puppets representing Viasarius and Rueserond, each of which requires a team of several puppeteers to operate. Being a musical, The Prance of Dragons includes numerous scenes and interludes of jovial singing accompanied by the playing of lutes and pipes.
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Re: [Monthly Contest] September Playbill
« Reply #2 on: October 01, 2013, 02:20:50 PM »
Setting: The Middle Lands of Keltor
This play is based on a story of the same name found in the Saga of Tazral, a six volume collection of stories from the life Tazral Kalistic before he became the first emperor of the Middle Land Empire.  These stories have been known and loved across the Empire for a bit over four-hundred years.  Stories from the Saga of Tazral are commonly adapted for plays and songs and painting and just about any other form of art in the Empire.  There are even bards that specialize in songs, poems, and the stories of the Saga.

IC: Troll Bridge of Camdon County
Largely a cautionary tale with a fair amount of fighting and humor, this the story of Tazral's adventures in Camdon County.  Set as three act play, the first act sets the stage and introduces the main characters, the Count, his court, the sable boy, the inn keeper, and the troll.  This act ends with the arrival and little needed introduction of our hero Tazral.  In the second act, things get complex and by its end the tax crazy Count has ordered Tazral arrested, lost half his riches to a wager with the troll under the bridge, and is living in the inn keeper's root cellar with two white rats and bags of gold taken from the taxes.   The final act shows Tazral, the hero, saving the people of Camdon from the inept rule of the greedy Count and his court, defeat the villainous troll on his bridge, return the inn keeper's inn to him, and knight the stable boy for his courageous acts of valor.  Tazral leaves Camdon County in a better state than he found it.

This story is popular as an everyman tale, having warnings to use ones common sense and heed the advice of those that know more than you do.  It is a bit of a morality tale but does not hammer the viewer harshly with its message.  While the general tale of the play is the same all over, the details do differ a bit from place to place.  This is largely due to what plays best with the local audience.

And I just realized I posted this on October it's late...ah well.  Such is life.  I'll leave it for the fun of it.
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Re: [Monthly Contest] September Playbill
« Reply #3 on: October 01, 2013, 04:05:16 PM »
Even if I missed the deadline, I'm proud enough of my first contest entry that I couldn't not post it.

Setting: Bastard's Bastards

IC: So Spins the Lonely Moons
Composed by the legendary invertebrate maestro Phunt the Spineless as an equinoctial present for the poly-hermaphroditic royal family of the Riagge Conglomeration, So Spins the Lonely Moons is truly the ancient virtuoso’s magnum opus. An opera in seven parts that is equally an epic tragedy and a shocking grand guignol, it celebrates some of the most timeless of themes: honor and loyalty, an innocent love, a most forbidden lust, a betrayal, a murder, a loss, a rescue, every scene elevated by Phunt’s notoriously-dark wit and brilliant wordplay. While achieved with great enthusiasm by its patrons in the Conglomeration, when the royal opera company began its decade-long tour of both the Inner Spheres and the Rim, the reaction was substantially more…confused. See, the guul, the most numerous species in the Riagge Confederation and sole constituents of its ruling houses, have no less than two biological sexes apiece which shift periodically according to a cycle that is innate to them and utterly confounding to just about everyone else, as well as some of the most elaborate and disconcerting mating rituals ever recorded, all of which is most prominently displayed during the sadomasochistic spawning orgy-turned-regicidal massacre at the opera’s climax. So while So Spins the Lonely Moons was nightmare of opera aficionados and the bane of critics everywhere, it was an overnight sensation among the teeming masses of uncultured groundlings looking for fresh material to mock. During the original tour, it was often difficult to hear the atonal singing over the enthusiastic heckling from the cheap seats, though the crowds did mellow significantly after an overripe fruit chucked at the lead soprano was answered by shir security detail incinerating several dozen attendees. However, once the opera entered the public domain and no longer carried the threat of brutal Conglomeration reprisals, its popularity skyrocketed, especially along the Rim. It’s nearly impossible to fire a coilgun and not hit a Rimworld playhouse doing an underground version of So Spins It’s a particular favorite of Bastard’s Bastards, who are responsible for some of the choicest heckles and most impressive post-performance riots. After a long campaign, there’s nothing quite like finding a cozy little pub, getting hammered on beer not made from your own piss, and watching a troupe of amateurs is guulish costumes ranging from gaudy to grotesque wail notes their vocal cords weren’t designed to reach while either engaged in savagely full-contact stage fighting or pantomiming sexual acts as absurd as they are explicit. Phunt themselves actually molted long before they could ever see the piece of lowbrow exploitation their masterpiece has been degraded to, though rumors abound that their polyps have been spotted attending some of the more extravagant of Rimworld productions.
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Re: [Monthly Contest] September Playbill
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2013, 06:54:01 PM »
Dammit, Superbright, why didn't you meet the deadline? Goddammit and Badgirl.


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Re: [Monthly Contest] September Playbill
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People who write about their own stuff don't get extensions! :grin: