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[Monthly Contest] February Fashion
« on: February 03, 2013, 03:03:51 PM »
February Fashion

The Contest:
This month's contest is about the proverbial clothes that make the man. So if you dare, craft for us something in a CBG setting having to do with clothing. For this particular contest that is the only requirement, that the focus is on clothing. You can discuss the cultural fashion of a particular people, the look and purpose of a priesthood's robes, or even tell us a tale of one particular set of notable clothing. As long as clothes are the focus it's kosher for this contest. All that is required is that you tell us something about your fine woven creations and how they impact the setting you've chosen.

The Rules:
Entries should max out at about 500 words in order to keep them easily readable. Additionally these contests are focused on creative writing and imagination and so your entry should be rules system free. All entries should be one hundred percent fluff. You can add crunch if you want but the core of your entry should not be made up of it and it won't actually be considered part of the entry. All entries should be written inside of a CBG setting of your choice. As the entrant you are not required to follow the setting absolutely, merely to theme your entry such that you feel it would feel at home inside it.

Note that any entries made within this contest automatically give full rights of use to the author of the setting that the entry used (to be fair though I'd say it's a bit of an honor for a setting creator to like your entry enough to want it in their stuff). You of course still retain the rights associated with being the original creator of the entry.

Finally this contest is about giving you a chance to practice thinking on your feet and spontaneous creation in an unfamiliar situation. As such the core purpose of the contest is that you pick a setting that is not your own. I won't force you to do this but I highly encourage it as the practice is a big part of why we run these contests. Best of luck to all entrants, the contest runs until the end of the month and all entries should be posted in this thread. Remember to post which setting you're using at the top of your entry.