Which entry best captures the spirit of its setting and/or the contest theme?

EricPoehlsen's Domestic Cat
4 (28.6%)
Xathan's Manic Dancer
3 (21.4%)
khyron1144's Depserandum's Cat
1 (7.1%)
Exegesis' Hollow Bodies
6 (42.9%)

Total Members Voted: 0

Voting closed: October 08, 2012, 04:24:19 PM

Author Topic: [Monthly Contest Vote] September Species  (Read 1149 times)


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[Monthly Contest Vote] September Species
« on: October 01, 2012, 04:24:19 PM »
Voting runs through the next seven days. Let us know who you think best captured the theme of the setting and/or of the contest in general. Once again thanks to all those who entered. I had to disqualify one entry because it didn't get fixed before the contest ended I will be clarifying the rules in future contest entries to make sure everyone is clear on what the contests are about.

IC: EricPoehlsen's Domestic Cat
Setting "The Occult Underground"

Felis silvestris catus

That name can easily fool you. Just to be straight with you, there is nothing domestic in cats. Has never been, will never be. A cat may be your flatmate, companion, friend, even a soulmate but never a pet. Honestly, cats are smart. Probably smarter than the average jerk out there on the street. So don't try to fool a cat or lie to it, they find out and they can be really unforgiving in that matter.
Truth is, these freaking bastards are about as magical as a normal animal can be. Look at you, maybe you have the ability to gaze into another plane of existance, even visit it for a short amount of time. Cats they just are and they don't care about it. They live simultanously in all the realms that reality is made of. That's one of the reasons why they are so hard to kill. Whatever keeps the astral planes seperated for people and about everything else, it obviously does not exist for cats. So be warned, a cat sees right through you, it knows exactly what you are: Vampire, were, shifter, witch, or whatever.
Thats the important stuff on cats. I probably don't have to describe you how a cat looks like. Want to have a cat? Go ahead you'll for sure find some in pet shop. They will cost you only a few bucks as long as you are not looking for some rare breed with certified bloodline. Subsistance is also pretty affordable. One word of advice, cats are no good for werewulfs but that is pretty obvious.

IC: Xathan's Manic Dancer
Setting: Cardeem

The Manic Lady. One of the many names given to Cardeem, a name reflective of its vibrancy and favored by some of its innumerable street performers, spending days and nights earning their living by entertaining the pulsating masses that the city hosts.

And like all sub-cultures, these street performers, the Manics, have their legends and their fears. One in particular refers to The Physician Jolly, a mad enchanter that would abduct these performers and preform experiments upon them – to what end, no one knows. The Physician was found dead, the corpses of the entertainers he had as guests never found.

Not a week later, the Manic Dancers appeared. Always veiled, always women who (in body) are of exceptional beauty, they pick a corner and begin their dance. And what a dance it is!  It’s said a man can watch their dance to the exclusion of all else, it’s sheer primal nature combined with what always seems to be a wanton display of desperate and deviant desire for their audience – and every man (and many women) who watch their dance would swear that the dance, the desire, was meant for him or her in particular. After a dance of 13 days, seemingly without rest, the Dancer moves on. Whether or not she ever reappears is unknown – all the Manic Dancers wear the same costume, one that covers every inch of their body and yet reveals seemingly everything without the trickery of translucence. What is known is that every Dancer leaves with a partner, a man or woman who was so enthralled they left behind their lives to join the Dancer.

And join they do, the moment they take their beautiful paramour elsewhere and lift her veil. Underneath are the results of the Physician’s experiments: Their face is blank and featureless but crossed by a Y shaped scar which peels back, revealing an open maw for a face: tiny, needlelike teeth with a single, unblinking eye warped with infinite sadness hanging where a tonsil would be.

What happens to those that leave with the Dancers is unknown...but it’s been remarked by some observers that their seem to be more of these Manic Dancers every year.

IC: khyron1144's Depserandum's Cat
Setting: Terra

To call it a species may be a bit of an exaggeration or error of fact.  Currently, there is exactly one and it's sterile.  Still Frater Desperandum has ambitious plans for it, once he achieves the level necessary to cast the required spells.

It started as a reasonably bright domestic tom cat.  Since then Frater Desperandum has magically enhanced it.  He has increased the cat's intelligence to equal the low end of sentient species (Intelligence 4, enough to be a classed PC or NPC and speak/understand at least 1 language).  A relatively permanent Cat's Grace makes the cat quite agile (Dexterity 20).  The cat has also gained in resiliency (hit dice are now 1 and 1/2 rather than simply 1/2).  Desperandum also changed out the cat's forepaws with the handy forepaws of a capuchin monkey.  All these changes could be undone by a single Dispel Magic spell.

The cat understands the Common Tongue of Terra but does not speak.  Desperandum has trained it to fetch named objects and come when it's called.

IC: Exegesis' Hollow Bodies
Setting: The Black Chamber

aka: little boys; suckbabies

No power wielded by gods or elder-things can match the cold calculations that forged the atomic bomb. When it was released above Hiroshima the light of its explosion scarred the parts of the city which force alone could not destroy. Sometimes it was obstructed by people, so that, though those victims were obliterated, the world was marked with their indelible shadows. Their souls recoiled in primitive reflex against its irrupting light and sought to burst free of their own bodies even before their flesh had died, but that light, so potent as to unmake even metaphysical things, constrained their essence to those enduring shadows. Those souls, understanding only that such shadows kept them whole, bound their essence to them.

These creatures have human dimensions but no recognisable substance to speak of. As they travel through space they diffuse whatever substance they inhabit, marginally reducing its density within their own volume while increasing it in their surroundings. Though this produces only minor deformations in homogeneous materials, contact with a hollow-body can cause severe trauma to mechanical and organic systems.

Hollow-bodies are identified by a sense of irrelevance or triviality, which, while perfectly innocuous to the uninformed, is a tell-tale paranormal sensation to operatives trained in OCCINTEL. This sensation grows more pronounced as one approaches the hollow-body's exact position, until one experiences (in the words of one Chamber Agent) “the utterly terrifying feeling that nobody is watching you”.