Author Topic: Another Chance to Promote the CBG  (Read 331 times)

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Another Chance to Promote the CBG
« on: June 03, 2012, 10:15:02 AM »
This year I will once again be attending CONvergence. This is a convention that is called "the gathering of the tribes" by some. It isn't just a sci-fi con (though that seems to dominate), it isn't a comic book con, it isn't an anime con, it isn't really for any one thing; CONvergence is a place for all geeks to gather and be geeks (often while drinking very heavily) for four days.

Posters / fliers / signs for all sorts of things are hung up on the walls all over the place. There are also tables designated for fliers. This would be a great chance to promote the CBG, if that's something we want to do. If someone could make up a decent promo flier, I would make a bunch of copies and hang / place / distribute them like crazy at the con. Greyscale is preferred but if I see something really great in color, I'll spend the extra few bucks.

Alternatively, if you can come up with something good for a CBG advert to say, that could also be good. If no one makes a proper flier for me by the time I'm going to leave tomorrow morning, I will probably make up something simple with just a little blurb, the URL, and the logo. If you come up with something good, I'll put that on there.

We had a couple of people register from this last year but no real new members. This is still a small enough con with few enough people that would be interested in this sort of site in attendance that we can promote there without fear of being overrun and losing our nice niche community feel. Also, I think that the midwest is reall under represented here.

Any ideas? Half page fliers would also be cool and could be put out on the tables for people to take so they actually remember.