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About the Contests Section
« on: September 10, 2011, 05:18:50 PM »
This forum is for site-sponsored contests.  That means, no posting your "Who would win, Batman or Superman" contests here; direct those towards the Dragon's Den. Our King of Contests is Limetom and while you are welcome to direct ideas to me I would encourage you to message him if you have any questions regarding hosting or participating in a contest. Anyone is free to start a contest and anyone is free to participate in one.

However, if you want to start one I'd ask that you message either Limetom or myself with the details of your contest idea so we can let you know if it's appropriate for this area, and if so give you the go ahead to run it. Contest prizes are up to the sole discretion of the contest creator. Some members like to offer various prizes as rewards while others simply run the contests with the intent of giving people an excuse to show off what they're made of. Either one is fine. Just remember that contests should be themed appropriate to The CBG (roleplay or storytelling focused) and prizes that reflect this tend to work the best.