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Just to announce the current status of Kaidan. The first adventure, The Gift, is near completion. Right now we're adding the fiddly stuff like a Kaidanese (Japanese) naming guide for surnames, adding missing locations in a few maps, etc. Its expected to go to editing on Friday, then sometime next week the lead designer will make corrections. Then it will be sent to me to do page layout. Finally I will send it to Steve Russell, the publisher, for final release.

Expect the release sometime in the next 2 weeks.

We are co-releasing a Race book for Kaidan, called "In the Company of Kappa", which includes base race write up, paragon class, kappa specific archetypes of base classes, recommended Advanced Players Guide archetypes, a few new feats, and kappa specific weapons. Also an origin mythos story will be included as an intro. Although tied to Kaidan, this book is meant for general use for Pathfinder outside of Kaidan as well.

Tonight I plan to write a guide for Kaidan Divine Classes - Kannushi (cleric), Miko (oracle), Yamabushi (inquisitor), Henge-kannushi (druid), and new feats. An overview of the three types of religions in Kaidan - Zao (bastardized Buddhism), Ojigami (ancestral worship), Shinto (animistic spirit worship). An explanation of temples and shrines. Hopefully I can have that ready by Friday for editing as well.

Incidently, has anyone seen NinjaD? He's a patron and did some participation early in December, but haven't seen him at all lately. There is lots more activity now by other patrons than there was early on. One of his ideas for what the Gift (magic item) is, has been chosen as the item and I wanted to let him know that. Hopefully, he'll see this post!

So moving forward and meeting our schedule - which is a good thing.

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