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It came from the Abyss
« on: August 19, 2006, 02:32:06 PM »
Well, I figure I'll add one more evil and good race, respectively, so here's evil for you.  I highl recommend reading "Terror of the Depths" first, however.

After the shark-devil Sekolah transported her minions to the Material Plane, she was captured by the Demon-lord Kraken, an ancient spirit of malevolence.  Insightfully manipulating the priestesses of Sekolah, he has successfully invaded the material plane with his tentacled spawn.   Now, he seeks to gain control of the Sahuagin empire by holding their queen hostage and leaving his creations as rulers of an empire int he depths.

So far, the Sahuagin have reacted warily to contact with the Kraken, and so attacked and destroyed most of the Kopru which have come through their portals.  Unfortunately, a single matron and several of her followers have escaped from the horde and now seek to establish an empire.  Enslaving any creatures they make contact with, they are currently attempting to bring the Kraken himself into the Prime's oceans and thereby gain control of the seas.  Unfortunately, the need for secrecy has slowed their progress, and the threat of annihilation from the sea-devil horde leaves them careful to plot in the dark.  They will patiently await their chance for victory, and seize it when it comes.  The seas are black not because of the depths, but the evil within...


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