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IRC Game (Template)
« on: November 14, 2010, 04:36:36 PM »
Here is a template to use when starting a new thread to announce an IRC Game:
(It may be a good idea to start new threads when starting these games... the original IRC game threads are getting a bit long and cluttered- which may intimidate newbies).

Title of Game

Name of Host

# of Players Sought

Game Time (What Day/Time)

Game Length (How Long)

How to Join?

Game World

Sample Characters

Characters Claimed

Game Storyline

Other Information


IC: Example
Title of Game Gloria

Name of Host Light Dragon

Players Sought At least 3, less than 6.

Game Time This game will be played on Monday at 5PM EST.

Game Length Minimum time 3 hours. Max time (hopefully 5, but feel free to leave after 3 hours)

How to Join? This game will be run on IRC. There are two ways to access it:
1.) Java Option Click on the IRC link at the top of the page (on the same bar where HOME and FORUM are listed) and you will be taken to MIBBIT.
If Java is not enabled on your computer, please download JAVA or enable java.
Press Ok and accept the name that it suggests for you. We are playing on the #celtricia channel. You will initially be taken to the #thecbg channel; so the first thing you need to do is type "/join #celtricia"; after that, you will be on the correct channel.

2.) If you do not have Java
Note: Option 1 is a lot easier to use.
Follow the steps in Nomadic's guide here.
Select Server: Otherworlders (
Channel: #celtricia

Game Setting Gloria (Link here)

Sample Characters
IC: One
Character One (with description)

IC: two
Character Two (with description)

IC: Three
Character Three (with description)

IC: Four-Claimed by Steerpike
Character Four (with description)

Game Storyline An adventure in Gloria. You seek X. You flee from Y. Can you succeed?

Other Information Other gobbletegook.
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