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Wal-Mart: Post Apocalypse

All hail the wisdom of the Red Mage
Fortune Cookie!
"No violence, gentlemen -- no violence, I beg of you! Consider the furniture!"
- Sherlock Holmes

" 'Hey, you're that one guy!'
'No I'm not. I'm those two guys, and neither of me is the guy you think I am.' "

- The Dark Lord Chuckles the Silly Piggy and Dave

"That's cooler than Nuclear Fission in a bag!"
- Me

"There's no problem that can't be solved by throwing a lot of Ninjas at it."
- Anonymous
The Welcoming Song
Welcome new member,
Hope you like it here,
Just don't let these guys,
Talk off your ear.

When we get annoying,
Which happens quite often,
Be annoying too,
And our hearts will soften.

If ever you're bored,
Just show up online,
We wash away boredom,
In absolutely no time.
Unofficial CBG Holiday Tagline
"It's like christmas, only instead of presents, Santa brought universes!"- Eclipse
Unofficial CBG Theme Song
A great website for you and me,
Spinning webs, connecting dots,
Building campaigns, advancing plots.
Look out, here comes the CBG.

Is it cool? Listen bud-
It's got nothing but gamer blood.
Can it live on a thread?
Yes it can, it's never dead.
Hey there! This is the CBG.

Friendly neighborhood CBG.
Wealth and fame, never seen-
Though they sound really keen.
To it,
Life is a great big campaign-
Wherever there's a campaign,
You'll find the CBG!
Scouring the old threads...
I found a great number of old banners and the like and have decided to add them to my sig, just for fun.
Han Solo vs MacGyver

TRON vs Enzo

Vegeta vs Prince